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5 Things High School Students Need to Do This Summer

11 Jul 5 Things High School Students Need to Do This Summer

The summer between high school and college is the one full of mixed emotions. While you are happy to finish off dressing for the high school years and enjoying the end of the year celebrations you are also excited about starting with the college and looking forward to not just the summer break but also the exciting college life. This is the time to take a step back and relax. You need to recharge yourself but also prepare for the life ahead. The summer break can be put to good use for improving your chances of getting into the college of your choice. Read this article to know everything that you can do during your summer break and choose the one that suits you the best.

  • Work

It is very common to find the high school students working during the summer break. Summer vacations are a great time to get the work experience that is going to look great on your High School resume and the college application forms. This will not only help you in making money but will also help you with getting into the college of your choice. There are various jobs that you can choose from among the part-time and full-time opportunities available undefined some of the most common summer jobs taken up by the high school students include working in the retail stores, camp counseling, working as a cashier or lifeguard. Another way to for the increase your opportunities and impress the admission officers at the college of your choice would be to work at the same place over multiple summers and getting a promotion are increasing your responsibilities. This will not only leave a strong impression but also present you as a responsible and a committed person to the selectors in college and in future when applying for a job.

  • Develop Your Hobby

This is an extremely broad category which may include your favorite sport, craft or any other activity like to be a part of. The summer vacations are excellent opportunity to participate in the activities that you are interested in and enhance your skills while doing this. You can join a community group for pursuing an activity that you enjoy. The colleges, as well as future employers, are more interested in selecting the candidates who have an interest outside the academics and who can commit themselves to their hobbies for activities that they enjoy. The colleges are generally more impressed by the students who participate or invest time in a hobby over an extended period of time. It is an added bonus if you polish your skills and achieve a leadership position or a position of responsibility while pursuing a hobby.

  • Volunteer

You can also choose to volunteer for churches, schools, retirement homes, animal shelters etc. during the high school summer. Volunteering is not just a fulfilling experience for the body and mind but including it on your resume and college applications can also work wonders for you. The community service can be done in your immediate vicinity, around the neighborhood or even at a far off place depending upon the opportunity that you get. The volunteering experience changes you as an individual and helps you in developing yourself as an individual by becoming a conscientious citizen who contributes to the world. It would be best if you choose to volunteer for an organization matching your interests and preferences. For example, if you like pets and animals you can easily find a volunteer opportunity with an animal shelter who would be happy to use some additional help.

  • Visit Colleges

You may have some potential colleges in your mind and if you are more focused, you may have even prioritized your choices for your future college. Summertime can also be used to visit the colleges and get the experience. Most of the admission offices of the colleges continue to operate during the summer time and you can go for an informal visit to these campuses. By doing this, you may even increase your chances of getting into the college of your choice by connecting with the admission officers and building a rapport with them. By confirming your interest with the visit to the college of your choice, your application form is definitely going to shine brighter than the rest.

  • Take Some Downtime

All the above activities can help you in landing up to the college of your choice but it is also important to enjoy this much-earned break. You have worked hard throughout High School and now is the time to recognize your accomplishments and celebrate them with your near and dear ones. Spend some time with your family and thank them for the support. You can also meet your favorite teachers and mentors and have a heart to heart with them by sharing the credit for your success with them. Regardless of the activities, job or volunteer work that you choose to participate in during the summer break, make sure that you have fun and connect them with your interests. This will make these vacations more meaningful and memorable for you and also for your family and friends.

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