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Best Qualitative research topics

12 Jan Best Qualitative research topics

Qualitative research is the type of research which includes the non-numeric data and it requires thorough analysis and observation of the situations and facts.  In academics, students have to perform the task of qualitative research as a part of their course and deciding the topic for the qualitative research requires a lot of critical thinking. The topic identification is dependent on the problem identification and research questions and students often struggle in deciding the topic for the qualitative research. Some of the examples of qualitative research topics from different fields are related to psychology, education, societal issues, environment, politics, media and communications, religion and many more similar fields where non-numeric analysis is required. These topics make use of various primary collection of data techniques such as interviews, observations, focus groups, questionnaire, recordings in the natural setup, etc. and then this data is analyzed in order to find out relevant information and solution to the research problem.

List of Qualitative research topics

Considering the fact that the students and researchers face issues in selecting an appropriate qualitative research title, a list for different disciples of the academics and aspects of society is being provided in this blog. This list of the of the qualitative research topics will guide the students and the problem of the topic selection will be resolved.Qualitative research topics for high school students, college students and university students are also provided in this list.

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Qualitative research topics on Social issues

These topics highlights the issues which impacts the citizens of the Nation and the purpose of the topic is to identify the reasons for such issues so that solutions can be provided to such problems.

  • Differences in the working styles and efficiency of female bosses with the male bosses
  • Establishing relationship between the violence and rape
  • The gender and sexual harassment
  • Gay, lesbian, bisexual or transgender or LGBT society
  • Factors responsible for the sexism and gender discrimination
  • Security of the young girls
  • Academic performance impacts due to low Social economic status of the parents
  • Social media and bullying
  • Disruptive behavior among students
  • Importance of Early education and child care
  • Issues related to the gender identity
  • Social media wars
  • Child obesity issues
  • Drugs and alcohol abuse
  • Relationship of social media and increasing suicide rate among youth
  • Privacy issues and cyberbullying
  • Issues related to the overpopulation and ways to control the same
  • Stress on government and social system of a Nation due to immigration

Qualitative research topics on Environment

These topics highlights the issues which impacts the environment because of the natural phenomenon or human activities.

  • Relationship of acid rain and industrial activities
  • Need for the wildlife conservation
  • Importance of small water bodies
  • Impact of forest fires on the ecosystem.
  • Soil pollution and reasons for the soil pollution
  • Impact of green energy on ecology of planet
  • Impacts of tectonic movements on the ecosystem
  • Impact of human activities on the global warming
  • The harm to humanity from the greenhouse effect.
  • Deep sea mining and safety of oceans
  • Deforestation impacts on the climate
  • Reinforcing the ozone layer
  • Increasing volcanos and impact of it on development of the modern earth

Qualitative research topics on psychology

Most of the Psychology research topics are qualitative in nature because study of behavior and perceptions of the humans are involved in such topics.

  • Aspects of the ageing process.
  • Factors responsible for depression and stress in adults
  • Changing attitude and behavior of the people after the age of adolescence
  • Impact of bullying on the mind development
  • Relationship of cognitive psychology and critical thinking
  • Problem solving capabilities of children
  • Parents role in shaping the behavior of children
  • Abusive parents and the development of children
  • Speech disorder and cognitive development
  • Persuasion, propaganda, and marketing.

Qualitative research topics on Political issues

The social issues which have impact on the Nation’s political interests are included in this list for the qualitative research topics

  • Political psychology
  • Significance of taxes in the development of Nation
  • Politics history and its evolvement
  • Relationship of politics and history of war
  • Political anthropology
  • Significance of social movements in political setup of Nation
  • Relationship of politics and religion
  • Totalitarian regimes
  • Budget deficit
  • Parliamentary republics versus residential republics
  • Global politics
  • Corruption in the politics and ways to remove the corruption
  • What are the good and bad effects of political scandals?
  • Social security reform.
  • Cultural pluralism
  • Need for the election reforms
  • Difference betweenglobalization and nationalism
  • Illegal aliens
  • Politics in media
  • Common good and its impact on the politics
  • Political philosophy
  • Rational choice theory
  • The pros and cons of positivism

These are the topics which can be selected by the high school students and college students for the qualitative research. However, the list provided above is not comprehensive and more topics from the field of media, communication, terrorism, religion can also be selected.  If still you have any doubts and queries related to the selection of topic, feel free to contact the team of AWH at any time and we will feel happy to serve you.

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