Commemorative Speech Writing Guide Outline and Topics

Commemorative Speech Writing guide, outline and topics

10 Mar Commemorative Speech Writing guide, outline and topics

Commemorative Speech is a form of speech that includes giving tribute to someone or praising a person, place, event or idea. This is speech is sometimes also known as a “ceremonial” or “epideictic” speech because does speaker address the audience to share something interesting about a person, place or event. It is a formal speech and the main focus of this is speech is on values. For example, a representative such as a president of the country can give a Commemorative Speech on the occasion of Independence Day to pay tribute to all those who have given their lives for the Independence of the country. Commemorative Speech highlight the values data considered by the particular Society such as beauty, loyalty, wisdom, kindness, tradition, success, innocence, experience, and courage. This is speech is ceremonial in the sense that it celebrates these values. The wedding toast is also a type of Commemorative speech in which blessings and wishes are given by the friends and families of the newlywed couple in the form of speech. This type of speech is a celebration of the future or the past. The wedding toast is the celebration of the future and the speech given by the president on Independence Day is a tribute to the past. This is peach is full of feelings and gratitude. The sentiments of the audience are provoked by this speech by the speaker. The most common occasions on which Commemorative speech is given out are weddings, anniversaries, reunions, memorial services, and funerals. Giving a heart touching Commemorative speech is an art and requires a lot of practice by the speaker. The very first step in delivering this is speech is writing good content for the speech.

Commemorative speech writing

Following are some of the steps to writing an impressive Commemorative:

Brainstorming ideas: You’ll have to brainstorm the various ideas on which you want to give a commemorative speech. If you are giving this is Peach on a particular occasion, then you should brainstorm about the different opinions and sentimental values about that occasion.

Identify the purpose: You should be clear about your purpose in giving this speech. Without purpose, you will not be able to write an impressive speech. You should think in detail about the importance of the occasion and your speech to find the purpose.

Collected data: You should collect the data and information that will justify the purpose of your Commemorative speech. This information can include memories, stories or ideas.

Write a draft: Once your purpose is clear to you, you can start writing the speech in an informal manner and put all your ideas in writing. Use your own words while writing this draft.

Sort final speech: This draft will be referred by you to prepare a final speech. You have to write the final draft for your speech from the point of view of the audience. You have to be honest in writing your views and feelings because the audience gets connected with the sentiments. You should make use of your own words and expressions in the speech to make it genuine.


Commemorative Speech Outline

You have to organize all the information gathered by you to write a commemorative speech. You need to put a fridge to make your content understandable and this can be done by providing structure to your speech. Commemorative speech should include an introduction, body and conclusion. The structure of commemorative speech is the same as essay writing. You have to start your speech by giving a brief representation of the purpose of your speech and by highlighting the occasion. You can start your speech with some of the famous quotes given by the person you are talking about all about the place, events or institution that you are talking about in your speech. You should continue this interaction to the body of the speech and include as many stories, memories, experiences, incidents, ideas as you can in the body of the speech. You have to adjust the majority of your speech in the body and you should keep in mind the total time given to you to deliver your speech. The body will be followed by the conclusion. You have to give your ideas of closure by summarizing the significant points. You should make your conclusion interesting and full of Enthusiasm so that audience feels touched and emotional.

Commemorative Speech Examples and Topics

If you have to select a topic for giving a commemorative speech, you should select a topic that is exciting and engaging. Following are some of the commemorative speech examples and topics that you can select for your commemorative speech:

  • A tribute to a loving spouse
  • A tribute to caring parents, relatives or family members
  • The sacrifice of a teacher
  • A perfect example of human courage
  • The sacrifice of freedom fighters
  • Celebrating religion values
  • Praising the women by talking about successful women who have overcome challenges and achieved success
  • Respect makes any relationship better
  • Hard work is the only shortcut to success
  • Teamwork improves the performance of organizations

Follow all of these guidelines to write an impressive commemorative speech. If you still feel that you need any type of help in completing your homework, you can always take help from our experts.

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