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Easy steps for writing a quality assignment

05 Dec Easy steps for writing a quality assignment

The entire process of academic writing can be broadly classified into the following three stages:

  • Preparation stage
  • Writing stage
  • Finishing stage

Every state has its own unique essential requirements that need to be followed to ensure that the students are able to work consistently and accurately and are able to secure good marks in the assignment. The tips included in this article are foolproof and cover all the details of assignment writing. Writing a quality assignment does not have to be a tedious and exhausting process. In fact, it can be fun when planned properly. Just make sure that you take care of the things mentioned here and follow them through each of the following stages.

Before you begin…

  • Go through the reading list assigned to you by your teacher for the designated course or module. Make sure that you make use of it as you will find specific information related to the assignment and The coursework and you will also be able to gain valuable insights that will make it easier for you to write the assignment.

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  • Check and double check the deadline for the assignment. This will ensure that you do not get a nasty surprise while working on the assignment. Or even worse, you don’t miss the deadline for submitting the work. You can use the phone calendar or any other app to set a countdown to ensure that you are continuously reminded of the deadline.
  • Try to break down the enormous task of writing the assignment into smaller manageable activities. By doing this you will find working on the assignment much easier and you will stay on top of your workload. The mini-deadlines set by you will also ensure that your momentum is maintained throughout the time schedule for finishing the assignment instead of leaving everything for a day before submission.
  • Seek help whenever required or whenever you have a doubt or question in mind. It is better to clarify any doubt before you begin writing instead of making a wrong assignment and rewriting the entire thing under stress. Your teachers want you to do well in the assignment and therefore they are not annoyed or bothered when you try to seek more information or ask some questions from them.
  • Create a basic structure of your assignment and include all the key argument that you wish to write in your assignment, your introduction and conclusion. You can write these arguments on the sticky notes and arrange them according to your preference during the planning stage.


While writing…

  • The introduction is the first part of your assignment and it is necessary to introduce the key argument that you wish to make in your assignment in this paragraph. You can also add some context to the assignment and any key questions that you wish to answer in it. We would suggest that you write the introduction after finishing the assignment as you will know exactly what to include in it by the time you are done with the writing.
  • Structure the assignment by providing the supporting evidence for each argument that you make in it. You can make use of statistics and quotes collected from various sources but make sure that you add them to the reference list and cite the source for every line included from there.
  • The conclusion of the assignment should include a summary of all the arguments. Make sure that you leave a lasting impression on the person reading the assignment by providing a recap of all the arguments and also including any supporting evidence for the writing. Do not introduce any new ideas or points in the conclusion and only summarise the points that you have stated earlier.
  • Use a formal tone when writing the assignment and make use of the guide provided by your University on your professor. Avoid any slang, jargons or phrases that are overly familiar and stay away from using the texting language.


Once you finish…

  • Manage the time so that you are able to put your draught aside for a day or two before you read it again. This will provide some more objectivity to your editing and will also make it easier to find out any mistakes and correct them. It is also easier to find out the mistakes when the assignment is written on paper and therefore it is suggested to take a printout of your assignment and make corrections in it.
  • Once you have completed writing the assignment go through it again and make sure that you have answered the original question and any additional questions asked by a professor. It is very easy to drift off when you are in mid flow of writing the assignment. Read the assignment and go through the merit of each paragraph and line to make sure that they contribute to the overall assignment.
  • Don’t be scared of cutting the text out in the final stage. Make use of the ‘track changes’ feature in Microsoft Word to edit the text without losing it forever. If you find a sentence for a paragraph that does not support the argument that you are making in the assignment, remove it and replace it is required.
  • Spelling and grammatical mistake in the assignment give an extremely bad impression of the writer. The Erode district the professor and any person reading the assignment and look very unprofessional. Sometimes these errors may also undermine the argument made by you and therefore check and double check the spelling and grammar. If you are not sure about how to use a word or a phrase in the assignment you can look it up online or replace it with an alternative.
  • References and citation are crucial to creating the bibliography of your assignment. Go through the university guidelines again to make sure that all the information that they have asked for is included in the references. You can make use of the automatic citation feature available in some ebooks and do the rest of the referencing manually. Make sure that you include all the citations carefully and do not indulge in plagiarism.
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