Essential Good Language Features That Students Must Know

Essential Good Language Features That Students Must Know

26 Nov Essential Good Language Features That Students Must Know

Students have to do a number of assignments related to course, write essays, reflective journals, etc. Also, for day to day life in college or school, students need to make conversations with teachers and other students to express themselves and express their viewpoints.Effective communicationis the key to express the ideas and for this, good language usage is a must. Language is not only about the words;it is much more than that. It also includes tone and gestures used to share the perspectives in verbal language and case of non-verbal language, various transition words are used to make the writing creative. Different forms of communication are available such as

  • Written Communication
  • Verbal Communication
  • Reading
  • Listening

Language Features

No one is born with good communication skills. These have to be developed with practice and efforts. To make the communication effective, various language features can be used. You must be thinking what is a language feature. The language feature is the use of various techniques to analyze the language and convey the message firmly and clearly.  Some of the good language features must be kept in mind and should be used to make both verbal and written communication effective. There is a proper good language features list which is as follows:

  • Use of adjectives:Adjectives are the words used to describe the quality of a noun. These words add more meaning and emphasis in the sentence to prove a point or express an idea in a better way. Adjectives are also used to compare two or more things. Some of the commonly used adjectives are Brave, Calm, Faithful, Fancy,Mysterious, Lazy, Polite, attractive, gorgeous, introvert, etc.

For Example, Rita is an attractive girl.

  • Use of Adverbs:It is used to describe the verb, adjective, a phrase, a sentence, another adverb, etc. in a better manner. Some of the adverbs which are used to make the language effective are Carefully, Gracefully, Adoringly, slowly, Warmly,Lazily, Loyally, Quietly, Quickly, etc.

For Example, Rita is adoringly attractive girl

  • Articles:Articles are also used in the language to ensure it is free from grammar errors. These are used to define the nouns. Three types of articles are used in the English language. These are “A”, “An”, “The”. A is used to define singular nouns such as a Boy, a car. An is used with singular nouns that start with a vowel or gives the sound of vowel such as an elephant, an umbrella. This is used to specify particular items such as the book, the USA.

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For Example, Rita is an honest girl. She lives in the United States of America and is a cheerful girl.

  • Use of Apostrophe and comma:Apostrophe, comma, semicolon are punctuations marks. The purpose of each mark is different and one must ensure to use them in while written speech. The apostrophe is used with a noun to show the possession but is not used by the possessive pronouns such as ours, theirs, etc. The comma is used when more than one choiceis there and in order to connect the sentences and words.

For Example, Rita’s Mother is having two sisters, one brother and one cousin.

  • Use of Metaphor:Metaphor is a symbolic representation of something. It is used to add creativity and fun in the speech.

For Example, The snow is a white blanket.

In this example, the white blanket is a metaphor that is used to describe that snow is as white as a white blanket.

  • Use of Hyperbole: These are the exaggerating statements which are used to stress on a particular idea and perspective. These phrases or words are used to catch the audience’s attention and to prove a point.

For Example, I have a million things to do.

In this example, a million things showing there is so much to do and it is used to exaggerate the situation. The phrase “Million things” is Hyperbole in the example.

  • Transition words:Linking words or transition words are used to join the sentences and to make the speech clearer and more attractive.Creative writers make use of these words to convey their ideas vividly. Some of the examples of these words are After, Before, to sum up, Similarly, In addition, Whenever, For instance, etc.

For Example:In addition to this, I would also like to express my views on global warming.

  • Choice of words: This is the most important aspect. The mere usage of adverbs, adjectives, metaphors, etc. will not make the language smart and effective. One must make the wise choice of words and make use of proper tone for it.

To conclude, every student must be aware of the above-mentioned list of language techniques and should practice them by referring to various language features example in order to communicate effectively

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