Evidence in essay writing | How Can Evidence Change Your Writing?

How Can Evidence Change Your Writing?

19 Jun How Can Evidence Change Your Writing?

Evidence in any writing is used to support that writing. It is the part of writing by which any writing looks more resourceful and logically examined. Through it, one can claim that his/her statement is universally agreed. In simple terms, the evidence is determined as the facts and figures, researches, and statistics and so on. suppose if you are writing a statement you must go through the topic first and research for it and if you add the sources or your researches and facts you have collected, the topic it will look more lucrative and will be more supportive to your writing. An evidence can be a clip taken from the study or on the net.

The assignments that have been needed in universities will need evidence to demonstrate what you have read. Likewise, in some fields, it is needed for clearing the arguments or even if you want to test a theory. Most of the evidence can be accumulated from the two types of sources which includes the primary sources which are accounts, stories, newspapers, official documents or they can be the results of a study published in a journal. The other ace is the secondary source which can be collected from reviews, quotes from the primary sources or even from the audiences. The other main important point that one must know is how to apply evidence in an essay.

How to use evidence in an essay?

Using an evidence in an essay can be a matter to reckon. There are some standards that are to be followed while including an evidence in your writing and it is important to keep that standard to maintain the worth of the evidence. Some of the standards include:

Evidence should be appropriate- This means the evidence one is including in its writing should be appropriate for the essay.
Supports your claims- The evidence one is providing should support to your claim.
Reason for the evidence- One should clear the reason why the evidence is supporting the essay.

How to introduce evidence in an essay?

After recognizing the function of an evidence one must recognize how to present it in the essay? An evidence which is well integrated into your essay gives recourse to it. There are some points that are kept in mind for introducing evidence in your essay.

Step 1- Set up an idea

  • You should set up an idea about the evidence you are going to provide. You can write in the first line of the paragraph.
  • You may let the readers know about the main idea of the topic or you can make an argument about the evidence you are going to provide.

Step 2- Place the evidence

  • Set up a clause before starting an agreement. For example’ according to the studies’.
  • Write your own views before introducing the evidence in your essay. For example,’ the author never revealed her shy nature characters which can express their desire for each other:” your evidence”… you should place a colon before you are going to provide the evidence in texts.
  • Write the author’s name or the reference sources from where you are taking your evidence to make your evidence true in each sense.
  • Provide the citation of your evidence. The citation is being written at the end of your evidence that has been written down in texts. For example “your evidence (author’s name or reference source and provide the page no if it has)”.

How to analyze your evidence?

Once you have written the evidence you should analyze it and for analyzing the evidence there are some aspects that one can read before analyzing an evidence:

  • The first thing that a student has to discuss the evidence is why it is supporting the claim you have written.
  • One should add up a final sentence which will show up the final thoughts about the evidence. After a claim, you provide any evidence and after providing an evidence you should write your own views about the evidence. For example, ‘smoking causes cancer’ (claim). A study states that the ratio of smokers has been increased from 60% to 70 %( evidence). The study has shown that the number of smokers is increasing and this has become a cause for concern (analysis).

Types of evidence

One important question that comes to our mind while selecting an evidence is which type of evidence we should use in our writing. As there are certain kinds of evidence available from different sources but we have to choose which evidence suits our writing more? And for this one must know that how many types of evidence are available.
There are mainly four types of evidence from which we have to choose from? These are:

1. Statistical Evidence- The statistical evidence is the most commonly used evidence form. It includes the figures or facts that have been used in the evidence. For example according to a study, ‘Around 40000 people quit smoking’. The figures that are being researched are considered as the statistical evidence. The diagrams, graphs, pie charts etc. are also included in statistical evidence.

2. Documentary Evidence- This evidence are the documents that have been stored by the authorities. In some places, these are available easily, but in specific cases, you must hold to acquire permission from the authorized person in order to survive through the text files.

3. Anecdotal Evidence- It includes person’s observations. These include the study done by different people and their aspects for seeing that issue.
Analogical Evidence- In this study, the student can use the relators or you can relate your study with others.

You can now easily classify the evidence and can use according to the need or demand of your writing.

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