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Getting into Harvard

11 Sep Getting into Harvard

Harvard is the most popular US Ivy League college that all the students dream of. It is not just considered the best college but the place which the creme de la creme call their alma mater. Harvard is the Pinnacle of world class education and any person finishing High School are the undergraduate degree who is thinking of further education has this name written at the top of their list of colleges. We are here to help you with accomplishing this by decoding the mystery for both the students and teachers.

Beginning with the admission requirements for Harvard, the college application forms include a lot of details and columns however, a few critical things need to be taken care of by the students when filling out these forms.

  • GPA requirement

The minimum GPA requirement mentioned by Harvard has to be fulfilled by the students if they wish to take admission there.

  • Test score

There are different requirements of the test scores and the minimum criteria for the marks secured by the students in them. The students need to make sure that they fulfill the SAT and ACT requirements when applying for Harvard.

  • Application requirement

The students need to fill out the application form by providing the details mentioned in them. This should include their High School transcript, the GPS application form and other course information mentioned there. Harvard also asks for the SAT and ACT scores along with the letters of recommendation and application essay.

  • Interview

Only after the application form has been accepted by Harvard will you get a call for the interview. The interview is conducted in the presence of an admission officer and the questions related to your life, work experience and academic will be asked.

The average GPA of the students studying at Harvard is 4.1. It is extremely important that you focus and work towards getting good marks to increase your chances of admission. The GPA requirement is mandatory for getting admission in Harvard and without fulfilling it, your application form will be immediately rejected. Although the people at Harvard claim that the SAT score cutoff is not considered for the admission process, the truth is students need to fulfil the minimum hidden SAP requirement in order to be considered for admission there. On the 1600 scale of SAT, the students need to get a composite score of 1540. This makes Harvard extremely competitive and difficult to get through. However, it is important to stay optimistic and motivated and keep working towards your goal. A school like Harvard requires much more than simply the GPA and SAT figures. It is important that you are able to impress the admission officers with your entire application form while ensuring that you cover fees details. Without having the above-specified score for your GPA or SAT would mean that you already have the odds against you. However, there are still chances of getting selected and you should focus on highlighting your strength if your application gets through and you get a call for the interview.

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