How can You Solve the Law Cases and Remember Sections

How can You Solve the Law Cases and Remember Sections

04 Dec How can You Solve the Law Cases and Remember Sections

When we talk about learning Law, the toughest part is to remember the rules and regulations about the knowledge. No matter, its Corporate Law, Civil Law or the most important complicated Business Law. The stressful situation of being a law student will keep troubling you in case if you haven’t planned it well. Though, it’s tough but somebody has rightly said the Hard work always pays off.

To be a good student during law course, then the toughest part which comes to the way is to literally remember the particular sections and solve the cases. There are so many effective ways to remember the sections, but there are very limited ways to sort the case. Generally, the techniques to study both Business Law or Corporate Law are similar. But to retain the information about these subjects are different.  As Business law is mainly concerned with the commercial matters through enforcement of the rules and regulations set by the government. So the horizon of understanding is different. Whereas, Corporate Law is about the issues between the management, the BODs, shareholders of MNC’s’ regarding the major corporate issues, such as shares, capital investment, mergers or acquisition, joint ventures, profit, and losses, etc.

The main ways to sort out cases in both Corporate and Business Law are recommended to law students as follows:

  • Refer the country’s legislation and laws

First of all, the main point to consider while studying the law is to refer the complete guide and the rules prescribed by the Govt. of the country on the specific topic. This reflects that what’s the opinion or view of the Govt. for that specific business case. In other words, what is their call on the specific issue emerged in the business case?

  • Understand the case well

The next and the most important to solve a case study in law course is to first understand the case properly, consider the nitty-gritty well and jot down all the facts and figures provided related to the case. The main aim of keeping all the information’s in one place will help to avoid the issue of skipping any point. Because some minor information provided in the case can be helpful in sorting the case. On the other hand, if that point has been skipped from the reader’s end can change the whole scenario of the case.

  • Refer the section related to the case and study the basics of it.

The next important issue is to refer the perspective sections of the specific topic. This information is widely accessible, but better if in case you’re able to find the sections of the related topic from the same country’s legislative guide. Mark the sections well and refer in accordance with the information.

Above all, the conclusion of the case depends on how well you’ve understood the case, referred the sections and used the Govt. information’s  on the same topic.

To be good at remembering the sections, there are numerous techniques to consider. But out of all, the Flow chart technique is the best which helps in understanding the importance of only the essentials, comprehending the exceptions and applications. Everybody knows that the rule of flow chart will help you remember that for lifetime. And this can be learned by hitting all the required black block letter’s of every step like a law, a case name, and then move on to the other steps further.

  1. Write down the sections repeatedly, and try to remember how many sub-sections it has. For this, you need to create a story line in your mind, which can help you by generally remembering the instances rather than word to word.

  2. Correlate them with a verity pattern. Like this rule will be applied in case the scenario is this way or the other thing will happen in case the situation is totally on the other hand.

  3. Memorization Time to time is the best way to help out. By giving a glance to learn laws one needs to follow the rule of speed reading and repeating the same again and again

A step to step flow chart referral for beating law subject.

Read the basic aspects thoroughly.

  1. Refer the statutes or rule book chapter wise.

  2. Make a list of essential and non-essential sections and keep reading them sections time to time. The idea behind this technique is to have a glimpse regularly to get strong knowledge

  3. Try to recall the chapters of the law rulebook and remember where the section has started and where it is going to end.

  4. Note down to skip the unimportant chapters or parts of chapters which are of little use.

  5. Once you are able to remember the chapters, then you need to try initiate it to detecting the sections associated with the relative chapter. Try to correlate with a business case so that you’re able to release the knowledge about the case and section respectively whenever you see a similar situation next time.

  6. Have an open discussion about the business cases to your fellows or group peers. It helps in remembering and understanding the case situation.

Above all, make and paste a list of sections on a board in your room to evoke your mind during exams time. We wish you good luck for your exam!

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