How online exams help students in their comprehensive academic career?

How online exams help students in their comprehensive academic career?

04 Apr How online exams help students in their comprehensive academic career?

The ongoing COVID-19 pandemic has forced educational institutions to re-think in-person learning and move to the online learning sphere. Pen-and-paper examinations are still the standard, and preferred, way of communication among many ‘traditional’ educational institutions. However, with global conditions as they are, they have been forced to look at online examinations as a solution. An online examination is a digital system by which learners can be assessed. It is similar to written exams in many ways, but in others, it’s completely different. These examinations are one of the digital world’s wonders, and they have completely changed the way traditional examinations are conducted. These computer-based tests have been a benefit to academic authorities since they allow them to conduct examinations with minimal disruption and ensure the highest level of correctness. Some of the biggest benefits of online exams are listed in this article.

  • Time saving

Online exams are a big time saver. Not only is there less time between the setting of the ‘paper’, but it also saves students time by eliminating the time it takes to travel to-and-from the examination locations, then waiting for the papers to be handed out and collected. Since most online examinations use auto-grading, teachers don’t have to spend excessive amounts of time marking exam papers, and students get their results almost instantly. What’s more, issues can also be flagged immediately with examiners who have immediate access to all the papers at once.

  • Advanced technology

In the past, the more number of people took an exam, bigger was the challenge to facilitate it. Online examinations make it super easy to scale. Setting up an exam for 1,000 people takes almost the same amount of effort as it is to set up an exam for 10 people. Another advantage of the tech-centric nature of online exams is that the more online exams people take, the more they get used to the concept and the more comfortable they get with it.

  • Promote distance learning

There is a growing opportunity for colleges to have their systems online, given the current scenario. The recent pandemic has made all the courses bring about shifts in academic calendars with exam dates postponed. Institutions are clueless about this sudden hit of unpredictability. Online exams can be a savior to counter situations like this where students’ progress could be constantly evaluated and tracked even in such downtimes. Students have the option to take up tests from anywhere. All that is needed is a good internet connection. Online exam tools also have the option to define exams with multiple schedules and multiple time zones, so students across geographical boundaries can take up exams, the way they want.

  • Keep the students interested

All the students are active on the internet and are tech-savvy these days. They no longer prefer the age-old paper-pen examinations and a regular classroom environment. The online examinations give students a live virtual classroom setting and a satisfying online exam experience, in the way they prefer. Students are evaluated in interesting formats including quizzes, questionnaires, surveys, objective types, MCQs, long papers, article submission, etc. By making use of a wide variety of questions on a single subject, the students get to concentrate better on topics that need improvement.

  • No cheating

Another benefit of this method of conducting examinations is the high level of security maintained during the operation. A large question bank with a large number of questions, whether a multiple-choice or short or lengthy response, can be sought for. The teachers no longer have to be concerned about security, and an uninterrupted flow of work can be easily maintained through the use of online examinations. Every student receives a random selection from that question bank, and you may even try to create different sets of paper with this higher level of security. When giving tests online, the software will never run out of ideas or questions removing any room for malpractices and cheating.

The examination is an unavoidable part of today’s educational ecosystem. To stay with the times, educational institutions have to align with the evolving technologies and the demands of the globalized world. Only an online examination system can come to the rescue. This is because it can automate, digitize, and streamline the examination process to ensure program quality, and document institutional effectiveness. Students gain a better learning experience with online examinations as they provide them with options to track their progress, reflect, and receive instant updates sent about the assessment schedules. The actionable data obtained at the end of these examinations can help the students identify the gap and work for continuous improvement. At assignment work help, we provide assistance to the students for preparing well for their online exams and also provide technology support and guidance whenever required. Contact us today to help you get good grades in your online examinations.

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