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How to Write a Response Essay

22 Mar How to Write a Response Essay

Essay writing is a formal piece of writing that particularly deals with a single subject or a topic. Essay writing requires the writer to investigate the given topic or the problem in detail and present the personal views that have to be backed by relevant examples and facts. There are different types of essays and response essay is one of those types. A response essay is also known as the reaction essay because the writer has to react to a particular opinion or subject matter. Overrated can present opinions about different types of work such as songs, books, poems, movies, and art. The response essay mainly includes two parts. In the first part, an overview of the work on which two opponent has to be given is presented in the response essay. In the second part, the personal reactions and opinions about the particular work are depicted. This form of writing is very common when one has to review a book, a movie, a song, or any artwork. Response essay writing can be a tricky task for most writers because are the response essays are most likely to receive opposite views and criticism from the opponents. Every coin has two sides and when we write a response essay, we cannot present but the sides of the coin rather we have to present one side with proper conviction and facts. This means, Response essay writing is a critical task and requires knowledge and deeper insights about the work on which the opinions have to be presented. This blog is going to highlight the right method to write a response essay in an impressive manner. This essay will highlight some tips and tricks that are very relevant for the writer who is intended to write a response essay.

How to write a response essay

If you were someone who has to express opinions about some work because of your profession or because of the academic requirement, then you often have to write a response essay. You must be wondering how to write a response essay in an impressive manner. Writing a response essay can be a very fun activity if you follow the below-mentioned tips and tricks:

Discover the topic

The first step in writing a response essay is being prepared about the topic on which you want to present your opinions. If you are a writer by profession and you have to choose your own topic then you need to do research about the hotshot topics such as the recent movie, some popular songs, and controversial topics. You should choose one of these as your topic for the response essay. However, if you are a student and your teacher has assigned you were topics on which you have to write a response essay, you must do in-depth research about the topic given before you start jotting down the main points.

Make detailed notes of your reactions and thoughts

Once the topic for the response essay is decided, you have to spend enough time thinking and collecting your reactions to the given work. You have to study the details of the work and need to highlight all of those points where do you have a different reaction or a different thought process. Give your topic critical listening, reading, and viewing. For example, if you are writing a response essay on a movie, you must watch this movie again and again and record the different opinions about the movie. You must record your reactions such as your feelings about the movie, the aspects that you like and dislike about the movie, and everything that is coming to your mind when seeing this movie. These reactions and thoughts need to be returned clearly in pointers so that you can drive for them while writing you are response essay.

Creation of a Thesis Statement

This is one of the very important tips that need to be kept in mind while writing a response essay. You have to create a thesis statement that provides an overview of the opinions that you need to convey in your essay. This thesis statement has to be mentioned in the introductory part of your essay so that the audience gets to know what you are going to add to your essay.

Structure your essay

It is very important that you provide a proper structure to your response essay so that audience feels connected all the time. You have to follow a proper series of steps. Your essay must start with the introductory paragraph that will also contain a thesis statement. The body paragraphs should mention your reactions to the work and you should also keep on mentioning relevant examples and facts to prove your point of view. The conclusion should be written in the end where you have to summarize the work and your reactions. The summary should be following your thesis statement and it should not just be a repetition of what you have already mentioned in the body paragraph rather you need to add something strong that leaves a strong impression on the audience. You should also make use of transition words in order to create a flow between the paragraphs.


You have to read the essay written by you in order to ensure that all the important reactions that you have recorded earlier are being clearly highlighted in the essay. You have to double-check your thesis statement in order to ensure the body of the essay is supporting your thesis statement. You have to check the essay for any grammatical mistakes or spelling errors.

To sum up, response essay writing requires proper planning and preparation so that you do not miss out on any important opinions and reactions.

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