Marketing Research Topics for University Students In Canada - Assignment



Marketing research is the analysis of market during doing a business. It is researching all the aspects of doing business. Marketing research is a statistical collection of data and information about a particular product or it is simply linking of consumers and producers to the market by the way of information or providing knowledge about that particular product. Research can be qualitative or quantitative depends on the needs of the time. By having a marketing research we mean analysis of every pros and con of the specified project which is taken. It helps in taking decisions at various levels of management in a business environment.

In other terms, marketing research is a six-step process which includes a definition of the problem, discussing the problem, next one has to formulate research programs, at next one has collected data, analysis of data and at last preparation of the report. While studying business management we have to understand properly about the marketing research. There are various topics to be discussed for the Canadian students in marketing research assignments & subject. Before choosing any topic one must keep in mind the features while choosing any topic.

Few of the aspects are given below:

  • Energy
  • Time
  • Resources

After considering all the above aspects one must choose a topic one is interested in. one can also consider our previous article to decide which topic to choose.

Some of the most trending topics are:

The effects of pharmaceutical dispensing pattern on consumer store patronage

In this topic, one has to consider the pharmaceutical pattern affecting the customers.

Customer delight in banking

In this topic, a student has to write the ways by which a customer is affected, or influenced or delighted in the banking sector. The topic describes the way which a bank satisfies its customer by its services.

Effects of gender on family buying decision

This topic describes the nature of male and female candidates at different aspects of the business. It analysis how male and female have their own views in decision making, risk tolerance etc.

The effect of recession advertising

It describes how recession advertising helps in growth of a business. It describes how marketing research has an emphasis on the reduced economic growth and how advertisement in that period increases the growth.

The impact of brand extension on brand personality

This topic of marketing research can be chosen in order to describe the impact of brand extension has on brand personality i.e. how expanding a brand increases or decreases the growth of a brand.

There are many more topics to be chosen among a big list of topics. These are the trendiest topics for the students to be researched. These projects are made in order to increase one’s knowledge about the growth and development of the business sector. It also emphasis on how marketing can help in the overall development of the business and also improves the strength of the people working for a business. Increase in the growth of a business will leads to increase in the interest of the person for doing more and more business.

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