Top 10 tips for writing the Personal Statement for College

Top 10 tips for writing the Personal Statement for College

23 Nov Top 10 tips for writing the Personal Statement for College

The college period is one of the most awaiting time periods in the life of a student, and the moment a student has to apply for the desired colleges, the actual pressure of getting the application accepted by the college start. In order to increase the chance of getting the admission application selected by the college, an impressive personal statement has to be written by the student. A personal statement for college admission is required as a basic requirement, and it is a kind of the main essay that includes a certain type of questions such as, “Who are you, and what do you value?”

If you were one of the students who is looking after some amazing college to get admission into for completing your graduation or post-graduation degree, you need to know more about your personal statement. This blog is all about the personal statement for college and tips. Personal statement examples and tips will be discussed in this blog.

Importance of personal statement examples and tips

Before we talk about the examples of personal statements and relevant tips for writing an impressive personal statement, you must be aware of the importance of personal statement examples for college. The personal statement examples and tips will help you to understand what a perfect personal statement looks like and what type of answers are required to the given questions. There are different types of structures, writing styles and topics on which the personal statement essay can be written. The personal statement increases the chances of selection of your application for college admission, and this demonstrates your personality, traits, skills that you have cultivated over life. The best personal statement is the one that highlights qualities such as insight, values, craft and vulnerability.

Personal statement tips and examples

While writing a personal statement for the college applications, you must keep in mind some of the pointers. The top 10 personal statement tips are as follows:

  1. Write a temporary draft: Start writing a temporary draught for your personal statement, and do not keep a word count for this draft. Try to cover as many points as you can be related to your skills, knowledge or anything which is related to you.
  2. Proofread your draft: Once your draft is ready, give it a reading once or twice to make it more professional by using the right grammar and language. You can add some more things about you when your personality, or you can delete what you do not like or are convinced about. Once everything is sorted, write the final piece of personal statement and, this time, keep a word count. Some colleges will ask you to write the personal statement up to a specific word count; in that case, you’ll have to make sure that your word count does not exceed the required.
  3. Be patient: You have to be patient while writing the personal statement for the college application, and you have to take your time to write the perfect personal statement. This is a very important step because the quality of a personal statement will increase the chances of selection of your application.
  4. Make you lose of right words and expressions: Make use of perfect words and expressions while writing the final piece of a personal statement. For example, instead of using the words ” I have done certification related to the English language “, you can see,” I have accomplished does certification related to proficiency in English, and it was really difficult for me since English is not my native language “. You’ll have to be elaborated as much as you can, and you have to make use of perfect words and expressions to make your personal statement impressive.
  5. Highlight your strengths: Your main focus should be on highlighting your strength while writing the personal statement.
  6. Be honest: Honesty is the best policy, and this phrase is perfectly suitable in writing a personal statement. Have to be honest about your skills and knowledge, and you should try to avoid mentioning anything which is not a part of your skill.
  7. Write in your own words and ideas: Do not copy-paste others content for writing your personal statement because that will not reflect your actual personality and skills. You have to write the personal statement in your own words and ideas, and that is when the honesty will be reflecting.
  8. Give importance to the opening sentence: Stop opening sentence of your personal statement is very crucial because if the opening sentence is not impressive, the reader will lose interest in your personal statement, and they may not go through the complete personal statement. You have to start in a funny and surprising manner to give the right first impression. The first impression is the last impression is a famous saying, and this thing is very much applicable in the personal statement.
  9. Get your personal statement proofread by someone: Proofreading a personal statement by yourself is very important, but at the same time, making someone read your personal statement before submitting it to the college is equally important. Sometimes we are unable to find our own mistakes, but when we show our work to somebody else who is experienced, then it most probably helps you to improve your writing more by highlighting some of the errors from the audience point of view.

Read it aloud many times: You should read your personal statement loudly in front of your family and friends, and it will help you to come through the week parts and the mistakes naturally.

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