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Summer Activities That Will Impress Colleges

05 Jul Summer Activities That Will Impress Colleges

Summer vacations are not just the time to enjoy the barbeque, fireflies and the late sunset. The summer activities pursued by you can help in pushing your application are the perfect time to explore your interests and potential career and prepare yourself for college while increasing your chances of getting selected in your dream institution. We all plan for the perfect summer vacation which often includes lazing around and relaxing. Although it sounds wonderful right now, it is important to prioritize and practice time management before the pressure to get an admission in college, get a job for internship begins to mount. The summer activities done by you can help in increasing your chances of impressing the admission officer and can strengthen the plants that you have made for your college by making the process simpler and increasing your odds of getting shortlisted.

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Here are four summertime activities that you can do that would look good in your college application form and can impress the people who are in charge of the admission process.

  • Summer programs

There are numerous different Summertime programs and camps that will not only let you have a fresh experience with amazing memory but also teach you a thing or two about your dream college and enrich yourself. The college admission officers are impressed with the students who delve deep into their passion and are open about stepping out of their comfort zone. You can be a part of the summer programs to polish your existing skills or learn something new that would look good on your college application form. There are a host of activities to choose from including cooking, dancing, learning a musical instrument, hiking, trekking, traveling etc. That will let you make new friends who have similar interest and will also provide you with a lot of learning opportunities. The activity can be chosen by taking into consideration your budget and location and all of these programs can prove to be enriching experiences with a lot of learning.

  • Community service

Organisation happy to have dedicated individuals that can help them with their activities or fundraising. Our lives have become fast-paced and being a student it becomes impossible to take out time to serve the society or become a part of this organization. Summertime is the perfect opportunity to give it back to the community. The volunteer work done by you does not just make you feel good about yourself but is also extremely useful in running kudos and getting admission in colleges. All the colleges are looking for students who are also interested in the community and passionate about making a difference. You can look out for opportunities in and around your neighborhood and can keep a check on any major events or campaign currently being run by any such organization. You can also raise awareness or funds and contribute it to an organization that you believe in. Volunteering is a unique experience that can help you in productivity utilizing your time while working towards something that you feel passionately about.

  • Get online

The internet has made it easy to approach a huge population with one click. It has also opened up numerous career avenues for the people who are talented. Summer break will give you enough time to make a name for yourself with the help of numerous applications and social platforms. Having an online presence with positive light will ensure that the admission officers are communicated about your abilities when they look for you online. This not only communicates your proactiveness but also send a message that you like to stay updated with the latest technologies. This is also the time to ensure that your social media presence is cleaned up and none of your pages have any controversial or embarrassing content in the form of pictures or post. The admission officers, as well as your future employers, will watch out for it to make sure that you portrait your creativity, professionalism and any interesting skills in the right light.

  • Part-time jobs

Extra money never hurt anyone and when you are getting a chance to do it while increasing your chances of being selected at the college of your choice it becomes even better. Part-time jobs or not just about turning pages but also exploring your potential career options and can teach you numerous professional skills like problem-solving, professional communication, time management and dealing with people. Having a part-time job during the summer vacations also demonstrates to the admission officers that you are already oriented towards your career and are ready to take the initiative and get started at a young age itself. Even if the job you do is not related to the course that you are willing to pursue, a part-time job demonstrates dedication and the skills like responsibility and professionalism. Working for the family income also portrays you as a mature and reliable candidate to be selected for college and for a job later.

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