What Is Spatial Order and Role of Chronology in Essay Writing?

What Is Spatial Order and Role of Chronology in Essay Writing?

05 Nov What Is Spatial Order and Role of Chronology in Essay Writing?

Students in colleges and universities have to do several assignments and projects to successfully complete the course or degree. Content writing is an inseparable part of course for a student and all of them focus on good content, proper word choice, correct spellings and grammar,etc. But there is one more aspect which is equally important to be considered and it is a clear and logical organization of the content. Some patterns can be used for Essay writing such as Chronological order, Problem-solution method, Cause and effect pattern, Spatial order, etc. Any pattern can be used as there are no hard and fast rules in choosing these patterns. However, Spatial order and chronological orderare widely used to make the academic writings impressive and logical.

Spatial Order

Spatial order meaning is used in descriptive essay writing and is a logical organization pattern that describes the facts and things as they appear.This method of writingis used by writers to give a clear picture to readers about the content. There is no strict rule in Spatial writing. However, somethings that needs to be considered is to write sensible content from the reader’s perspective. In this, components and objects are systematically arranged in the order of their physical location or correlation.This systematic and structured order is used in descriptive paragraphs for the readers and to understand how readers perceive the information and details. Time is not considered under this and the main focus is on the location or placement of the items. This organizational arrangement is used in several ways:

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  • Fiction and non-fiction:For fiction, it is used for describing the objects and places and in nonfiction, it helps in describing social or physical phenomena.
  • Technical Writers: Technical writersmake use of this method to explain how a particular mechanism works or how different parts of a machine combine.
  • Review writing:Food critic use this method to review a new restaurant or eating place for describingits dining area.
  • Designing:Architects use this method to describe the Structure and designs of buildings in a better and more sophisticated way.

Spatial order Essay

Steps need to be kept in mind while writing essays using a Spatial order pattern. One must be prepared for the various information, examples to be used, outlining the paragraphs, etc. before writing the essays. While writing the essay information must be presented properly by using the right words and examples should be described properly so that reader can understand the content. Most importantly, use spatial order signal words or transition words such as ahead, alongside, nearby, on top of, etc. to make the essay more comprehensible and interesting to readers.

Chronology order

The chronology pattern of writing considers the time of occurrence of events. A writer using this order has to describe and explain the sequence of incidents. The writer has to arrange all the events as they take place and put them in a chronological pattern. By using this method, readers can understand what happens and when to show its cause and effect. For instance, writing a personal journal every day make use of chronology order. This can be used for writing essays.

Chronology order Essay

Narrative essays are written in chronology order.Through this method, Readers can understand what happens and this method works best for cause and effect essays. Chronology order Essays builds rhythm and readers can understand the connections and linkages. To write this essay, the writer must collect all the information and sort it chronologically. Linear, Nonlinear, or reverse chronology order can be used by writers to describe the essay. This method helps to arrange the facts and information in a more meaningful manner and readers understand the facts better and can also establish the cause and effect relationships among the different events.

 For example: To write a story it is important to consider time and sequence of events. First, the story has to start and then slowly the plot needs to be built up to reach the end as shown below: “Today, I woke up at 8 o’clock and went out for a walk. I returned home at 9 am and had a healthy breakfast. After that, I left my office around 10 o’clock. There, I had a meeting with my team to discussthe work. We had coffee together at 4 pm. I returned to my home at around 5 pm.”

This is just a small example of a chronological order. Some transitions can be used to describe the information in a better way such as Next, Later, The following day, Afterward, By noon, As soon as, In 2010, etc.

If you are planning to write a Spatial order essay or Chronology order essay, feel free to take the help of the AWH team.

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