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How to Write Thesis Using Online Resources?

01 Aug How to Write Thesis Using Online Resources?

An academic thesis is a capstone for various graduate and postgraduate programs. They require monumental efforts from the students along with extensive research to put together the previously published studies, journals and resources. The sheer writing time taken by the students to put together a thesis is huge which makes this process the most significant part of their course. The students are often able to easily manage the coursework but get stonewalled when writing an in-depth thesis a dissertation. However, the internet has made it a little easier by providing a wide range of resources online to allow the students to easily access them and incorporate them to carry out their research. This article should provide the necessary guidance and inspiration to the students to make them aware of the wide variety of choices that are available to them at their fingertips. However, these must be carefully analysed to make sure that the thesis is top quality and findings developed by using this information as the basis for the dissertation are able to enrich the study.

This article includes a list of the academic directories and data bases that can be accessed by the students to get information on their chosen topic for writing a thesis or dissertation. These are the best resources that are available on the internet and the information included in these combined with the original material contributed by the student can make them finish their thesis without breaking a sweat.

  • Directory of Open Access Journals (DOAJ)

It is an online directory curated by the community that allows the students to gain access to peer-reviewed journals that are the best quality and can be openly accessed. The primary purpose of DOAJ is to make it easy for the people to make use of the open access scholarly and scientific journals by increasing their visibility online. All the information included in the website is freely available and indexed running by an independent organisation.

  • Open Thesis

Open Thesis is an online repository containing dissertations, journals, thesis and various other academic documents that can be easily searched and accessed by anyone. It is an excellent source to review the thesis and dissertation available online as they are classified on the basis of the subject areas. The website also increases the visitors to upload their academic writings to further increase the database.

  • CORE

CORE is an easy to use online database having open access content. This platform acts as a large aggregator for the content by curating it from various open access repositories and compiling it to make it accessible for all. The most compelling feature of this database is its clear data description and the crisp of user interface providing clear description of the journals and the information presented in them.

  • LexisNexis Academic

LexisNexis Academic makes it extremely easy to search and read news articles, journals, thesis, academic writing, legal papers and cases. It also provides information about the public figures and the organisations acting as a great source of data for carrying out research for compiling the thesis.

  • Center for Research Libraries (CRL)  

The foreign dissertations section of the CRL provides the visitors with a convenient way to filter through more than 800.000 doctoral dissertations available in the database. These dissertations come from more than 1200 educational institutions operating all over the world. It also allows search by keyword and the dissertations can be looked up for a specific nation or institutions. The advanced search feature included in CRL makes it a preferred choice for the researchers looking for academic information online.

  • Stanford Dissertation Browser

This was an experimental database developed for collecting the documents and presenting it to enable a rich interaction for the people writing a thesis. This includes abstracts for the PhD dissertations that are colour coded making it extremely easy to locate. The dissertation explorer option on this website acts as an intuitive resource for numerous academic writings and dissertations visualising the browser and making academic journal search very convenient. When we click a department, it becomes the focus of the browser and every other department moves to show its relative similarity to the centreds department.

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