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05 Mar National Board Certification for The Teachers and Why It’s Important

[vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text]National board certification is a process which contains four parts including the content knowledge test, differentiation in instruction portfolio entry, teaching practice to effective practitioner entry.  This is just for the teachers to strengthen their skills and overall development of the teachers. The certification can...

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The thesis also called the dissertation of any subject is the submission of research on a particular topic that is selected. It is a personal collection of data and statistics on that particular subject. Selection of the topic for the dissertation is really a tough task because dissertation requires a detailed information on that topic. One has to consider every cons and pros of that subject and has to research about every statistics of that subject. It is normally submitted by a candidate to the university on the topic one chooses. Some evidence can also be shared by the individual during the research to prove one’s theory.
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5 ironies of college education

06 Dec 5 Irony Examples for College Students

Talking about college, its first and foremost objective is to impart within students a sense of being capable - capable of living independently, capable of earning themselves a handsome sum of money from a source they are interested in and are graduating, capable of learning...

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