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Supply chain execution means managing and coordinating the movement of materials, information and funds across the supply chain

The supply chain management in an organization is practiced for building a competitive infrastructure and for enhancing their net value. Effective supply chain management techniques include leveraging the logistics worldwide and synchronizing the operations of the company with the supply and demand by carrying out careful measurement and analysis of the global performance of the company. The concept of supply chain management allows the systematic and planned coordination of all the functions of the business that are involved in the supply chain within the organization and across the different organizations operating in an industry. The supply chain management assignment writing requires an understanding of the systematic strategic coordination and knowledge of the traditional business functions and tactics. We provide the best supply chain management homework help where are experts co-ordinate and process the information by integrating the organizational operations for the assigned case. Students from all over the world have taken our supply chain management assignment writing help and have benefited a lot by improving their grades and getting a better understanding of this subject.


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Some of the key concepts and processes that are covered by our experts in the field of supply chain management assignment writing are:

  • Customer relationship management

The model of CRM is being used by a lot of organizations to maintain and retain their current customer base and expand it by including the potential customers. The process of customer relationship management includes the systematic organization and synchronization of the sales and marketing processes with the help of technical support. It helps in running the integrated campaigns with the help of various modes of marketing including the internet websites, social media platforms, telephone, and direct mail and text messages.

  • Customer Service Management

The concept of CSM is used by the organisation for the determination of common goals for the company and for their customers. The process of Customer Service Management includes the maintenance of the relationship that the organisation has formed with the customer to ensure business continuity.

  • Physical distribution

The stage of physical distribution in the supply chain management is when the movement of the goods and services takes place from one node of the supply chain of the organisation to the other. The consumer is the end user of the product or service and they are the final destination for any marketing activity or the supply chain related operations of the company.

  • Warehouse management

The process of managing the warehouse is significant for the company since it involves the storage and maintenance of the stock to be supplied to various distributors and middlemen. Effective management of a warehouse not only helps in business continuity but also helps in the reduction of the operational costs for them.

Our supply chain management assignment writing help services cover all these processes and also provide detailed analysis on all the other topics of supply chain management. Our supply chain experts and writers for supply chain management assignment can contribute good quality research on various business operations and managing business operations, helping with the allocation of supplier development, in storage allocation and supply chain allocation operations. Our supply chain management assignment writers can work on various supply chain strategy projects, supply chain modelling and assistance bases for the allocation of management theory, which includes finance, marketing, strategy, design and structure of a company.


An example on Supply chain management

The purpose of supply chain management by the organisation is to build a competitive infrastructure that helps in enhancing the net value of the company. The process of SCM involves leveraging of the worldwide logistics by synchronising the supply of the products or services produced by the company with the demand in order to evaluate and measure the performance globally. It is a systematic and planned coordination of the various business functions of the company that are involved with their supply chain. The three distinct concepts of network structure, business processes and management are carefully interconnected an integrated in the supply chain management and are applicable for writing the assignments on this subject. A very popular topic discussed in the supply chain management assignment is total quality management.


Total Quality Management or TQM is the concept of supply chain management that involves the creation of an environment where the organisation and its functions continuously improve to enhance their product delivery or customer service provisioning. It was developed by William Deming who was a management consultant influenced by the Japanese manufacturing and quality management style. TQM is focused on the development of internal guidelines and processes that help the organisations in setting standards and reducing errors. It allows the organisations to become more customer focused and makes them work towards the common goal of improving the quality of their product and service by improving the procedures in place for their production. TQM is developed as a concept buy emphasising on fact-based decision making where the performance metrics of the organisation is used for monitoring their progress and improving it over time.


Although there is no single standard approach for TQM, it is mostly dependent on the previously applied measures for quality control by the company. Lean manufacturing, Six Sigma and ISO9000 are also some concepts that have taken over the process of designing and implementing TQM by the organisations.

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The management framework of TQM is based on the belief that any organisation can work towards building their long term success when all their members work towards improving the quality and enhancing the customer satisfaction. The features that are a part of Total Quality Management framework adopted by the organisation are:

  • Process thinking
  • Customer satisfaction
  • Total employee commitment
  • Strategic thinking
  • Integrated system
  • Decisions based on facts
  • Continuous improvement
  • Effective communication

For this the organisations also create a quality circle which is a group of employees who conduct regular meetings and discussions for discussing the challenges faced by the organisation related to quality and investigate the causes for any lags reported in it. The quality circle also recommend solutions that help the organisation in taking corrective actions.


This structured approach to TQM help the organisation in reducing their errors or completely eliminating them by streamlining their supply chain and enhancing the customer experience. It enhances the accountability of all the parties that are involved in the process of production and supply of the final product or service and ensuring that it is at par with the desired quality required by the customer or better than that.