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Supply Chain Management Assignment Writing Help

Supply chain execution means managing and coordinating the movement of materials, information and funds across the supply chain

Supply chain and logistics management, the main basics of Operation management. It helps in depicting the client requirement and fulfilling by identifying the global trends in supply chain management. But, student sometimes finds it difficult to prepare a Supply Chain assignment based due to the new emerging tools and techniques in the industry. Our experts can guide you in deriving the appropriate process of the supply chain

Logistics Management is implied in the selection of resources. The main aim is to augment the productivity levels of the product. The process of operation management lies in the selection of the location, managing material and ensuring effective management of quality. There are various tools and techniques, which may help in designing, analyzing, and expanding the operational capability of an organization.

The main industries faced this market situation are electronics, sustainability, insurance, health care, retail, fashion, automotive, manufacturing.

The concepts which are required to study by the student in the field of Supply Chain and Logistic Management are

Supply Chain Management Assignment

To smooth functioning of the whole process, it is important to uncover and solve the issues related to Supply Chain Management, which are

  • Distribution Network Configuration

Issues related to number, location and network missions of suppliers, manufacturing facilities, distribution  and customers network region.

  • Information Management

Integration of processes via supply chain to share valuable information, such as demand signals, forecasts, inventory, transportation, potential collaboration, etc.

  • Distribution Strategy:

Sorting issues related to delivery and shipping scheme, transportation management

  • Inventory Management

Managing the Quantity and location for inventory starting from procuring raw materials, work-in-progress (WIP) to finished goods.

  • Trade-Offs in Logistical Activities:

Strategizing for achieving the lowest total logistics cost. These trade-offs are key for developing the most efficient and effective Logistics and SCM strategy.

  • Cash-Flow:

Managing the payment terms and methodologies for exchanging funds across entities within the supply chain.

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