A Look at The Benefits of Creative Writing Exercises

20 Aug A Look at The Benefits of Creative Writing Exercises

Creative writing is an art of adding imagination and self-expression.Creative writing activities are generally non-technical but still hold the power to attract the audience. The main purpose of this type of writing is to entertain the audience and also to share the experiences and feelings. Anything which is presenting facts and figures cannot be called creative writing, for example – a news article presenting facts. But if the same news article elaborates on the facts and adds self-experience and generates personal reflections based on the facts can be known as creative writing. Creative writing includes:

  • Plays
  • Poetry
  • Songs
  • Novels
  • Short stories
  • Speeches
  • Reflective Journals and Essays
  • Television scripts, etc.

Techniques Used in Creative Writing

Creative writing makes use of several techniques to express the ideas in such a way that readers feel connected to the writing. Various techniques used in creating appealing content are:

  • Plot and Character development
  • Expressing the point of view
  • Use of Dialogues and Anecdotes
  • Use of Metaphors to emphasize on a point
  • Imaginative language and Emotional appeal, etc.

Hence, these are some of the ways which creative writers use to make their writing attractive. At the academic level, teachers should also focus on developing this skill in their students as it takes practice.In addition to this, fun creative writing activities can be used by the teachers to improve the writing skills of the students. Some of the Fun creative writing exercises which can be used by learners to develop the writing skills are:

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  • Writing daily journals about personal views
  • Rewriting the past
  • Writing movie reviews
  • Expressing thoughts and opinions on social networking
  • Explaining something in 100 words

Writing reflective essays about a book, or movie, etc.

Benefits of Creative Writing Exercises

Creative Writing Activities helps the writer in many ways. Using Fun creative writing techniques in the classroom settings or on a personal level not only entertain the writer but also helps in developing many traits. Some of the benefits of creative writing exercises are:

  • Confidence Building:When someone follows creative writing exercises, they learn to express their opinions and share their perspectives. As a result, they feel more comfortable giving their point of view strongly, and their confidence increases.Thus, they express their ideas and feelings clearly and smartly without disrespecting others’ opinions.
  • More Imaginative:When a person is engaged in creative writing activities, the imagination power of that person gets a boost. This helps individuals to see the world and ideas from a different angle. This encourages the person to search for better solutions and new alternatives to societal issues and problems.Be it a marketer, a poet, a scientist, a scriptwriter, creative writing helps to think out of the box and more innovatively.
  • Clarification of Thoughts:This helps to have a thought clarification about the problem in question and also one’s own-self. Creative writers are more aware of their thoughts and emotions. When a person is aware of the emotions and thoughts, controlling and expressing them becomes stronger and more informative for the readers.Technical writers or marketers can use this to understand situations better and develop valuable solutions.
  • Better Communication Skills:Creative writing exercises improve the communication skills of the writer. They express themselves better than others. They generate a sense of belongingness towards others and feel empathetic towards the emotions and feelings of others. It helps them to express their perspectives in a better way.
  • Better emotional and physical health: A per some studies, it has been found that those involved actively in creative writing activities have fewer stress levels in comparison to others. Thus, creative writers enjoy better emotional health and they have balanced emotions. As a result, their physical health also improves and gets better due to a strong mind.
  • Self-explanation in an artistic way: The writers engaged in creative writing activities have to make use of self-expression on a continuous basis. They learn to make use of words in an artistic manner and positively.
  • Better understanding about writing and reading process: To be eligible for writing creatively, one has to read several creative texts, books on literature, fiction, non-fiction, newspaper articles, and also have to watch a number of movies to widen their viewpoints and ideas. Thus, this helps the writers to understand the process of reading and writing and how both are connected.

To sum up the above discussion, creative writing is an art that can be developed using a number of techniques and fun activities. It helps to express in a better manner and also one becomes emotionally strong and can exercise control over the thoughts and words.If still any doubts exist and you need help for the creative writing Essays, reflective journals, assignments, experts of AWH are always ready to help you.



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