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Creating an education timeline with Chromebook tools

11 Sep Creating an education timeline with Chromebook tools

Chromebooks have become ubiquitous in the academic Institutions and organisations worldwide. They offer a number of features and tools with the added convenience of a compact operating system and long battery life. People often believe that the tools for Chromebook users are not very versatile and this is a reason why people still prefer the expensive MacBooks over the pocket-friendly Chromebooks that are in fact more feature-rich. Creating education timelines is important for the management of the academic coursework. Chromebook also provides a number of educational tools that are extremely simple to use and easy to navigate. Before the advancement in technology and the advent and popularization of all these tools, the education timelines had to be created with pen and paper which was a tedious job that required a lot of efforts. However, the technological development has provided us with the devices and equipment that have made this task easier and faster. This article provides a list of tools that can be used on Chrome books for preparing education timelines.

Although there are a large number of tools that can be used as timeline makers, the ones mentioned in this article include all the necessary features and functions that make them suitable for making education timeline by the students or the teachers.


HSTRY is an excellent tool that helps in the creation of timelines and works smoothly on the Chromebooks. It is a multimedia tool containing all the necessary features and rich content designed specifically for use in classrooms. It is free to use can be used for the creation and sharing of timelines with some pre-prepared timelines that are available with them for sale. The timelines created with the help of HSTRY are prepared in a format that allows the users to vertically scroll and read the content. There are two features of HSTRY that make it stand-out from the crowd. First, as a teacher you can create an online classroom in which you can view all of your students’ timelines. Second, as a teacher you can build questions into timelines that you share with your students. You can even build-in explanations of the answers to your questions. To begin with the process of creation of a timeline, the users have to simply choose a topic or subject for the timeline. They have to upload a cover photo for the timeline and the events can be added to it by clicking on the “+” symbol. It allows the users to add audio, video, image or text messages and events to the timeline and the convenience and ease of use of this tool makes it the best timeline creating tool available for Chromebooks.

  • Tiki-Toki

Tiki-Toki is another very popular Chromebook to it that makes use of attractive features and interactive classrooms running online. It is a pedagogical tool that lets the users add features and events to the timeline in the form of any multimedia message. Tiki-Toki is available as a free and paid version. It was launched by a UK based company in the year 2011. The free version of Tiki-Toki allows the users to add images, audio and video events to their timeline and the paid version has the added feature that allows the timeline creators to add three-dimensional features and events to their work. The free version allows the users to create just one timeline and it also limits the ability of the users to engrave the same on their websites. There are no group editing features available in the free version and it limits the number of events allowed on a timeline to 200. Although Tiki-Toki is an excellent tool for creating timelines for educational purposes, it does not allow the users to visually demonstrate the various tabs and functions which makes it complicating and difficult to understand for the first time users.

Tiki-Toki is a web-based software that enables the users to create interactive timelines that are beautiful to look at. It allows the users to share their prepared timelines on the internet and the digital timelines created through the Tiki-Toki can also include multimedia stories and events.

  • Sutori

Sutori is an excellent timeline creation tool that is designed specifically to serve the needs of the education sector. The timeline software in Sutori is suitable to be used on Chromebooks and allows the teachers and the students to create interactive timelines that provide them with the ability to share content and assignments through the internet. Sutori is extremely easy to use and its interface is very friendly and simple. There are a lot of fields to choose from in the new timeline template of Sutori.

The users are allowed to take a trial and the full capabilities of the software tool are only made available to the user after the register for it. It is extremely easy to move the events up and down across the timeline by making use of the slider for the drag and drop action. It also allows the users to embed their timeline on various other platforms and these timelines need not contain the branding of Sutori. It also allows the users to add paragraphs, hyperlink and carry out the formatting of the text added to it. It also provides the convenience to the users to save their prepared timelines as PDF files are the option of printing it directly. Although the software and features provided in Sutori are not very suitable for personal use, the software tool is specifically designed for the students and teachers. The timelines created with the help of Sutori can be edited by multiple users at the same time which makes it a preferred education timeline creating tool for the students and teachers alike.

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