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How to Choose a Dissertation Topic for Masters – 6 Easy Steps Dissertation Assignment Help Australia

04 Jan How to Choose a Dissertation Topic for Masters – 6 Easy Steps Dissertation Assignment Help Australia

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Are you worried about choosing a right topic for your dissertation. Here, we come to guide you better ways for choosing a topic which can get you be a scholar.

Completing a dissertation or a thesis is not as tough as it is hard for selecting a topic for it. Sometimes, you may face issues before choosing a subject sometimes a topic as well. Being a student and doing specialization in one course is not as tough as it is to complete your dissertation on time while attaining its objectives. Because you may get fascinated towards your dream topic, or sometimes maybe towards your research topic.

But, leaving all these things behind and then picking a right topic which is aligned to your academics and interest is the accurate choice.

According to Stanford University:

Of those who were enrolled in a doctoral program in 1997, only half had started on their thesis four years after graduating from college. The breakdown in the various programs is as follows:

Program Not Thesis in Progress Completed Required


27 7 25


12 6 43
Doctoral 52 5



As this will ensemble your interest, academics and knowledge to help in assessing the key parameters, fostering objectives and nurturing the right outcomes. So, we bet you if you spend some more time in choosing the relevant topic, you would surely be realizing it worth later.

A well-chosen topic may ensure that you can more easily write a qualitatively good dissertation. This also makes the writing process more pleasant for you.

Easy Steps to guide which could be of your help in choosing a dissertation topic

Step 1: Check what are the key requirements given by your college for the dissertation. Do you need to choose from a list of topics given or have you got any option to select it by your own choice?

Pro Tip: If you had been given a list, choose it wisely. In case, you have to choose it on your own. Go for a topic which can better reflect your academic and knowledge as well.
No matter which option is available. The most important thing is to follow the guidelines and structure provided by the college.

Step 2: Take time to create a list of 5 topics and then decided the best out of all.

Pro Tip: Discuss it with peer groups and your professor so that you can seek guidance about your interest and efficiency.

Step 3: Decide what kind of research you would like to opt for. Do you just want to evaluate the existing, i.e. Secondary Research or do you want to hold on with your Primary Research?

Pro Tip: Whatever research option you choose, you should provide all the associated information. This means if you choose to do primary research, then aim to clearly mention the key objectives, the method of assessment and how the research is going to be evaluated. Also, if you try to choose a primary research, then try to initiate a study on a topic, which has not been done yet. If you are going to use secondary research, then try to cover a study which has shown limitations in the past and try to evaluate that specific area.

Step 4: If you wish to opt for secondary research, then try to instigate a global research discipline.

Pro Tip: Follow all the guidelines. Also, always try to mention and refer the author/study wherever you take information’s or facts from.

Step 5: Try to choose an area on which research is widely available. Initiate to assess their limitations and then try to target new outcomes by using the available research.

Pro Tip: Read out more and more articles and research papers on the subject. After reading and assessing the available information’s, you are supposed to start writing. Each and every field has a number of peak journals, paid or unpaid professional journals. Represent their information by chart, figures or tables to use their research informative in your paper.

Step 6: In case of primary research, the topic should be of global interest so that you can attract more and more readers once it is published on your college or university portal. Please try to write as much information as you can relate to your topic of the thesis.

Pro Tip: The minor but important details should be well-represented so as to provide a glance of the thesis. Please try to provide and mention the source of reference so as to confirm the accuracy.

Step 7: Make an anticipated structure of the thesis and get it approved by the professor.

Pro Tip: Keep the list of a section and sub-section ready so that your mentor/professor can give a fair review and you can reduce the hassle for future issues. Keep the scope of adding and editing the sections too.

Above all, while choosing a topic, you need to keep your source of information and books ready as it is a long-term task. If you plan early, then you’re assured to get success in completing the thesis within the scheduled deadline timeframe and within the given guidelines. We wish you excellence in your thesis.

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