Do assignments delivered by tutoring services match marking criteria?

20 Apr Do assignments delivered by tutoring services match marking criteria?

Every assessment has a Marking Criteria or Marking Rubric that shows students what is expected of them in the assessment. It is an assessment tool that clearly outlines marking criteria. It can be used for evaluating many types of graded student work – written assignments, presentations, class participation, overall grades and more. The Marking Criteria provides a set of rules that outlines the important components of the activity being planned or evaluated. It helps clarify the criteria and expectations for the assignment. When used effectively, the marking criteria can:

  • Provide timely and detailed feedback that students can use
  • Encourages critical thinking/self-evaluation
  • Communicate expectations to students
  • Expose the component skills of any task
  • Encourage fair and consistent marking

The marking criteria are structured like a matrix which includes two main components: criteria (listed on the left side of a matrix) and their descriptors (listed across the top of the matrix). When developing the marking criteria, the teachers first select the most important assessment criteria which will be used to evaluate the student product. Assessment criteria listed in marking rubrics vary by task, discipline and course level. Marking criteria is an effective and efficient tool which allows for objective and consistent assessment of a range of performances, assignments, and activities. It can help clarify the Expectations of the teachers and also shows students how to meet them, making students accountable for their performance in an easy-to-follow format. The feedback that students receive through a marking criteria or a grading rubric can help them improve their performance on revised or subsequent work. Marking criteria can help the teachers to rationalize their marking and grades when students ask about their method of assessment. Rubrics also allow for consistency in grading for those who team teach the same course and serve as good documentation for accreditation purposes.

The professors use these criteria to decide on the grade for your completed assessment. It is important that the person writing the assignment becomes familiar with this criteria before starting the assessment. As we write, it is also useful to compare the work with the requirements outlined in the marking criteria or marking rubric to ensure we meet all of them. Tutoring services like assignment work help make sure that the assignments that are delivered to the clients match the marking criteria and this helps in ensuring that they get good marks always. They make sure that they thoroughly go through the criteria presented by the teachers and only after they have identified the most important requirements, they began working on the assignments. This allows them to match the assessment standards and perform better across all the dimensions on which the student assignment is judged.

Our writers and assignment work help make use of the rubrics and the marking criteria provided by the teachers in the following ways:

  • To understand expectations: The marking criteria help in demystifying the grading process to be followed by the teachers and clearly states the coherent set of criteria that they would be used for writing the assignment. The assignment criteria also include a detailed description of the various levels of performance and our writers follow it to produce top-quality assignments every time.
  • To encourage reflection and feedback: The marking criteria can help our writers to produce assignments that are of good quality and the rubrics can be used for reflecting on their performance or improving it.
  • To save time: The market criteria act as a time saver since it significantly reduces the uncertainty associated with writing and grading the assignments and also allows the clients to evaluate the work and ask for improvement if required without providing detailed and descriptive feedback.
  • To weigh the importance: Some sections of the assignment are more important than the others and the writers at assignment work help go through the marking criteria and the rubrics to decide this and produce the final work accordingly. The importance and the length of the various sections is determined with the help of this criteria and the objectives of the assignment and therefore, the marking criteria helps in reducing the buyers and uncertainty around the final grade that the students are going to receive.

In the end, we can confidently say that all our writers at assignment work help providing the tutoring services take help from the marking criteria provided by the teachers when writing the assignments and the task description, scale, dimensions and performance description included in the marking rubrics ensure that the produce best quality work that fetches you good marks every time.

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