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Get Your Essay Stand Out Of The Competition With These Tricks

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23 May Get Your Essay Stand Out Of The Competition With These Tricks

Though writing an essay is an easy task but writing it impressively, constructively may vary from level to level. I think we all may recall that we have started writing essays during our higher schooling but that time the level had been very different. In case of writing essay during undergraduate level and during specialisation, the level of writing an essay will be changed altogether.

Being a graduate, you may come across various types of essays such as narrative essays, descriptive essays, persuasive essays or expository essays. These essays are different in their structures and way of presentations. But, there are some common mistakes which should be avoided by a student to get good marks. The common mistakes followed by the student are that the essays are not connected to their respective title; inadequate and avoiding use of in-depth knowledge or avoiding adequate reference sources.

There are certain things that one should keep in mind to write an essay and make it impressive as well. There are certain issues which are related to the writing of an essay. These are issue which some students find out while running short to compose a descriptive essay. But there are certain points or tips which may help in writing an essay and make them stand out of any competition.

To get to your essay a ’WOW’ statement some aspects requires to be restrained in mind while writing a descriptive essay which are:

The title should be Unique and Clear- The title which the student choosing should be attractive. It should compel the readers to complete read the whole essay. The title should be so lucrative and must cover the theme of the topic. – One’s writing should have creativity in it. One should not copy others and write in such a unique way that it attracts one to read.

The concept should be useful and conscience – While writing an essay, one should use the strong essence features which are more relevant and useful. The key aim is to include each and every information in a better way.

Justify your views- A student should justify why he is writing and what is the main reason behind writing the essay. Suppose, if we are writing an argumentative essay, critical or self-reflecting essay, it should reflect why are you writing or justify the opinion of your writing. To understand it in a better way, everything should be interlinked with one another.

Right to the point- The topic we are writing about should be to the point and knowledgeable. The topic should not be so long so that the reader gets bored in between and may leave reading the topic. The spectrum of the topic should be clear, concise and defined.

Avoid repetitions- It is the most important thumb rule that while writing an essay there should be avoidance of repetitions. Sometimes, while writing an essay, one may start repeating the sentences which should be avoided. By repeating the same thing again and again may turn off the interest of viewer and the essay will not stand out.

Proofreading- Students should proofread what he has composed. He should mark off the essay at once and make a correction if necessary while proof reading. It is an essential part of any writing. We can get the proofread done by our peers, colleagues or may be our roommates. The best solution is that one should speak it louder, again and again by himself so that you will be able to get the mistakes.

Positive towards feedback– A student should be positive towards the feedback if it is not according to us. It is not necessary that we may get the feedback according to ourselves and we should lead the feedback in a confident manner and make corrections next time.

Above all points, one should follow the inherent rule of essay for the main body. The whole essay should primarily split into three sections

In the first part, the main features are required to be talked about. This section generally gives the glimpse and background about the topic

In the second part, all the information affecting the topic should be clearly mentioned. For an example, if one is writing an argumentative essay, the facts regarding the problem should be mentioned here.

In the third part, the conclusion of the essay should be discussed. In this part, a student should explain the essay as a whole or a summary of the essay is being written.

By following these steps, we are sure that one can get their essay to stand out than other’s and definitely help you to score good marks in colleges and universities.

Follow these rules to make your essay impressive and coherent.

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