How To Write A Critical Essay On Literature? Critical Essay On Literature

How To Write A Critical Essay On Literature?

31 Aug How To Write A Critical Essay On Literature?

A critical analysis essay on literature is a kind of academic writing in which the writer has to analyze and evaluate the work of literature.In this writer talks about the ideas and theme of the literature and also supports the claims using various evidence and proofs.Students are often given an assignment to write an essay about a piece of literature. Different confusing terms are used for this such as ‘Critical Literature Essay’, ‘Critical analysis’, ‘Critical Literature analysis’, etc. Students get often confused about critical review essays and also struggle to score good marks in it. In today’s blog, we will talk about how to write a critical analysis essay by giving some useful tips and tricks.

Prepare yourself before start writing the Critical Essay

  • Do not just jump start on writing the critical essay. First, go through the literature and understand the theme of the literature. Most importantly, themes are the main ideas of the literature.
  • Underline or take notes of the important pointers or ideas.
  • If any choice is been given to you, go for the literature which interests you more and which you can understand better.
  • If the theme or ideas are not clear in the first reading, go through the literature one more time or at least reread those sections of literature which are important for essay writing.

Try to identify different aspects and focus on one main aspect. If some specific information is been asked by the academician, then start expressing your views on that particular aspect. On the other hand, if no particular information is asked, you would have to narrow down your ideas and thoughts to one area.

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Begin the Writing process

Once you have collected the main ideas and decided on the aspect to discuss in the critical essay, it is time to start writing the essay.

  • Outline: Start your writing by outlining the ideas or examples you want to discuss in the different paragraphs.If you have taken proper notes, this step will be easier. Start writing the topic sentence for each of the paragraphs and also mention the examples to be discussed in different paragraphs. In this step, decide the introduction, body paragraphs and examples to be used. This step will save your time on unnecessary thinking while writing and will also guide you.
  • Freewriting: Now start just writing your thoughts and opinions. This is just the raw writing and does not need to focus much on grammar or spelling but the idea of this step is to flow in the opinions and trigger the thought process. Write your ideas and even ask yourself questions in the process. After you are done with freewriting, spot all the strong opinions that you have written in flow.
  • Examples to support the arguments: Once you have spotted the strong ideas and arguments in freewriting, it is time to make use of critical essay examples. Use authentic sources such as published journals, online sources, books, articles, etc. to support your opinions and arguments. A critical essay is all about claiming some arguments and ideas byproviding critical analysis essay examples.
  • Do not get stuck with the intro part: Sometimes students stuck in writing the introduction and waste a lot of time. In such a situation, start writing your main ideas and figure out the intro later.
  • Make connections and write a proper conclusion: Now, connect all the ideas and examples and rewrite them in a better and coordinated manner. This is a very important step to create a flow in the writing and make the critical Essay on literature meaningful and interesting to read for the audience. While writing the essay, keep in mind that it is for the readers and should be written from their point of view.Therefore, the conclusion should be written making a proper link with the body paragraphs and should be crisp and clear.
  • Use proper format and write in the present tense: If your professor has mentioned the font size, font type, spacing, and margins then write the essay that format otherwise marks will be deducted. If no format is specified, the use of 12pt Times New Roman with double-spacing throughout the essay. Always write the literary analysis in the present tense as if it is your original ideas and thoughts.
  • Revise and reorganize:Once you are done writing, Revise the essay, and wherever grammar or spelling mistakes are there, correct the same. Also, reorganize the paragraphs to connect the ideas wherever needed.

To conclude, writing a critical essay on literature requires a lot of practice and skills.Make use of these simple tips to write your critical literature essay in more effective manner. In case of any further assistance, feel free to contact us and take the assignment help from our experts.

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