Journalism Career UK | Top 5 Universities to Prepare for Journalism in UK

Top 5 Universities to Prepare for Journalism Career In The UK

13 Apr Top 5 Universities to Prepare for Journalism Career In The UK

In the United Kingdom, journalism is a popular career choice brimming with lots of opportunities. The journalists deal with various aspects of media including magazines, television,  radio, newspapers, etc. A journalist can specialize in any one of the mentioned fields. After the completion of the course, you may work as a reporter or a photojournalist or an editor. The opportunities are immense.

Deciding which university to get into to pursue journalism can be a crucial decision for your career. Here are top 5 universities that you may want to consider if you are keen to study journalism or are willing to get a degree in this field:

Top universities for journalism in the UK

Cardiff University

Cardiff University offers several programmes for undergraduate as well as the postgraduates program. Mentioned here are some of the undergraduate degrees offered by the university:

  • Journalism and Communications (BA)
  • Media, Journalism and Culture (BA)
  • Media and Communications (BA)

The postgraduates programs available in the university are:

  • International Journalism (MA)
  • Broadcast Journalism (MA)
  • Science, Media and Communication (MSc)

The college also provides scholarship programs for the applicants such as Taught Master’s Excellence Scholarships which provides a minimum help of of £3000.

Cardiff is the capital city of Wales. Since the university has a central location in the city, the transport link is never an issue and cycles are also quite popular over there.

University of Sheffield

The University of Sheffield offers a full three years course in BA Journalism Studies. The journalism courses from this university will help you in gaining all the required  skills like production, writing, editing, interviewing techniques, IT skills, etc. The university also provides masters degrees in journalism studies and communication. Some of the programs offered by the University of Sheffield are:

  • Global Journalism (MA)
  • Magazine Journalism (MA)
  • International and Political communication (MA)

The university of Sheffield also has the Dan Walker Journalism Scholarship. The university has introduced a criteria which will decide the eligibility of the students for the scholarship. The scholarship offers close to £10,000.

University of Liverpool

University of Liverpool has an education system which allows students to choose how they want to study and pursue their career in Journalism. You can choose how you want to get your degree from the three different Honours select programmes:

  • Choosing the subject as a Single Honours means you will be specialising in one subject and being completely absorbed with what you wish you to know about.
  • Joint Honours degree means you will be able to choose two areas of strength and broaden your interest areas and career options.
  • Major/Minor Honours degree means you will be able to complement your major with a subject of your choice at A level, or one that could upgrade your career prospects, or you could do something of your wish in which you were interested before.

The University of Liverpool also offers various scholarships and discounts for the eligible candidates including the Vice-Chancellor’s International Attainment Scholarship UG which could provide a discount of £2500 to the eligible candidates.

Nottingham Trent University

At the Nottingham Trent University, one will have a lot of study support options and programmes to take part in. These include academic writing workshops, exam stress support etc. NTU (Nottingham Trent University) also has an eco-library at the Brackenhurst. The NTU Online Workspace program will provide you with module information, and other resources for study if you want to pursue distance education.

Listed below are some of the degrees that you can pursue from the Nottingham Trent University if you looking for an undergraduate program:

  • Media and Film & TV (BA)
  • French and Media (BA)
  • Communication & Society and Global Studies (BA)

Listed below are some of the Masters degree programs that you can choose from at NTU:

  • Documentary Journalism (MA/PGDip)
  • Media and Globalisation (MA)
  • Magazine Journalism (MA/PGDip)

NTU provides many scholarship programs which the international students can take advantage of. One of the programmes is the International Undergraduate Full-Fee Scholarship where the eligible candidates will get their full tuition fee paid by the university for up to four years

University of Leeds

At the University of Leeds, teaching and research spans a wide range of communication subjects, from popular culture to political communication, journalism studies to digital media. This university offer degrees that gives you choice and opportunity, allowing you to design your degree to your own strengths and interests.

Some of the graduate degrees you can pursue at University of Leeds to have a rich career in the field of Journalism are:

  • Journalism (BA)
  • Film, photography and media (BA)
  • Digital Media (BA)

Listed below are some of the postgraduate degrees you can choose from, at University of Leeds:

  • International Communication (MA)
  • Political Communication (MA)
  • Promotion Media (MA)

The University of Leeds offers three research degrees as well: PhD, Mphil and MA in journalism research. Leeds Financial Support allows the eligible students to get a discount worth £3000 for three years. Their criteria for selection is based on the household income of the candidate.

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