Time Management Tips to Achieve Your Goals - How To Manage My Time?

Time Management Tips to Achieve Your Goals

09 Aug Time Management Tips to Achieve Your Goals

Time is the most precious and limited resource which every one of us has. We all are having 24 hours in a day irrespective of age,income,gender,religion. We all have to achieve our professional, academic, or personal goals within this limited time frame. Time management is a valuable skill that can improve quality of life and also one can complete every task on their to-do list. These days people are complaining about getting super busy and are surrounded by many tasks at one time which makes it difficult for them to focus and stay stress-free. Let’s discuss how to do time management using some basic yet very effective time management tips and strategies:

  • Set goals properly: One must set the goals properly and in the right manner so that the same can be achieved. Set goals in writing and also decide the deadline for each goal. Write the priority of the goals and also write limited goals to avoid the problem of over commitment. A limited number of goals simplify the task of achieving them and also one does not feel overburdened with too much on the to-do list. This saves time, energy, and efforts.
  • Eat the biggest frog first:Mark Twain said, “If it’s your job to eat a frog, it’s best to do it first thing in the morning. And If it’s your job to eat two frogs, it’s best to eat the biggest one first.” As per Mark Twain, one should focus on the biggest and most important task first in the morning followed by other tasks and goals. This way, one does not get afraid of difficult tasks and complete the tasks on time.
  • Use Pareto’s 80/20 rule: Pareto Principle is very helpful in famous as best way to manage time. As per this principle, 20% of the tasks in the to-do list are the most important and account for the majority of the results but people procrastinate on these tasks and focus on other 80% less important tasks that waste their valuable time and energy. In other words, identify the 20% most important tasks and complete those tasks. For instance, in your to-do list, there are a total of 10 goals, and using this rule you have to identify two most important goals and finish them first. By using this rule, time will be saved and efforts will also be utilized in the right direction.
  • Turn off social mediaapps notifications:Productivity impacts a lot due to social media and its continuous notifications. It is recommended to turn off social media apps notifications while working on a particular goal and not waste time on unnecessary scrolling. Also, too much mobile usage and scrolling on these apps impacts the eyes’ health and can also lead to headaches and deteriorating focus. It acts as a stumbling block in the goal achievement and one should not get distracted by these notifications.

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  • Develop Keystone habits:Charles Duhig in His book “The Power of Habit” talked about the Keystone habits which helps a person in achieving more in life and bring positive behaviors in life. Some of the small habits which can help to inculcate other better habits and bring positive change in life is exercise and meditating in the morning, cooking and controlling what we eat, cleaning the room and making the bed, practice gratitude, sleep properly, etc. All this can help us feel more positive and happier. Thus, it will help in using time effectively at work.
  • Pomodoro technique of time management: As per this technique, one has to breakdown all the tasks into 25-minute focused blocks of time and work uninterruptedly for 25 minutes.After this, take a break of 5 min. It should be done for 4 sessions of 25 min followed by a short break.After four sessions, a long break of 15 to 20 min can be taken. This technique is helpful to increase focus and productivity. Therefore, it is very useful for the students during exams and for those who have a lot of tasks to complete.However, Taking short and long breaks is very important while working on a project. It is an effective time management
  • Delegate wherever necessary: The work which is not that important or which you are not expert in handling should be delegated. Thus,this simple act will help you in managing your timeand give you more time to focus on the most important tasks.

In conclusion, these are some of the tried and tested tipsabout how to manage time to improve productivity and increase focus. Developing valuable time management skills to help you achieve your goals quicker starts with setting measurable goals and using the focused approach in delivering productive results.

Time Management Tips to Achieve Your Goals – How To Manage My Time?
Time Management Tips: How To Manage Time? How to do time management using some basic yet very effective time management tips and strategies.

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