What Is A Personal SWOT Analysis and How to Perform It?

What Is A Personal SWOT Analysis and How to Perform It?

12 Sep What Is A Personal SWOT Analysis and How to Perform It?

SWOT analysis is a strong tool that is used by businesses and individuals to analyze their strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats to examine their situation. Individuals use Personal SWOT analysis to identify their areas for personal development or the career.

  • It helps to address specific individual goals and problems.Making some career decisions or preparing for a job interview activity are the SWOT analysis example
  • In SWOT analysis strengths and weaknesses are internal to a person and opportunities and threats are based on external factors.
  • Individuals use this technique irrespective of their goals as it does not need any prior training or expertise.
  • It is a very easy and flexible tool to be used where individuals understand themselves better and get to know in what particular fields they can excel more and which are not matching their strengths.
  • It also helps to know about various opportunities available which can help to develop and also the threats which can act as an impediment in the growth of the individual.

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    • Express properly: To perform SWOT analysis successfully individuals mustn’t write biased views. No one like to talk bad about oneself and also magnify their strengths. This has to be taken care of while performing this activity otherwise results will be misleading. This is a theoretical frame and any claim can be made. It is recommended to Back up statements with examples, or involving one or two outsiders’ opinions to minimize this biasness and create a convincing analysis.
    • Ask friendsopinions: If you are expressive and like to talk about yourself, then it will not be a difficult task for you. But if you do not like to talk about yourself, then you should take the help of your friends or colleagues whom you can rely on and ask their opinions before putting the SWOT analysis on paper. Also, give freedom to your colleagues or friends to choose the medium to express themselves as per their own wills such as email, messaging, or face to face.
    • Write about strengths: Once you have received the opinions of others, start writing your SWOT analysis by dividing the diagram into four sections. Start with the first section – Strength. At this point, write about your unique qualities, specialist skills, knowledge, professional skills, qualifications, achievements. Also, mention your personal skills such as great leader, good communicator, patient listener, etc.
    • Write about weaknesses: After discussing your strengths, write about your weaknesses. It does not seem a fun part as it seems to be a self-esteem crushing statement and no one likes to accept the weaknesses. But it, not a negative statement in reality as once you identify your weaknesses you can work on those weaknesses to be a better version of yourself and grow more in life. Be honest to yourself and note down all of your professional or personal bad habits such as lack confidence of public speaking, lack of team spirit, etc. Do not hesitate at this point as no one is perfect.
    • Write about Opportunities and threats: Now think about the external factors and note down the various opportunities and threats which can be personal or industry-related. Opportunities can be new job vacancies, developing industry, an increase in demand for your professional skills, etc. Thus, threats are obstacles standing in between your goals and visions and need to be identified to fix the situation.In the diagramsample SWOT analysis is shown. SWOT analysis has four main squares- two up and two down, where an individual can write down these parameters to access the situation better and for taking decisions. SWOT analysis can be done using a paper where the paper has to be divided into four quadrants as depicted in SWOT analysis chartor some diagrammatical tools for the same can also be used if you want to give it a professional look.Process of SWOT AnalysisLet’s discuss how to create a SWOT analysis

    To sum up, through this blog you can understand how to make a SWOT Analysis. It is an amazing way to organize, prioritize, and plan your goals and personal development. It is a quick and easy development tool and is very helpful and worth your time. For any further assistance feel free to contact AWH.


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