PEEL Essay writing? Tips & Tricks writing Peel Essay Paragraph structure

What is PEEL essay writing structure?

13 Jul What is PEEL essay writing structure?

Writing is an art and is used to express ideas and opinions. In academics, students are given various assignments where they have to make reports, write essays, reflective journals, etc. to demonstrate their learnings. However, students or writers should follow a proper structure to make the writing effective and engage the audience. PEEL Essay writing is a method that is used to provide a proper structure to the writing. Most importantly, it helps the writer to write from the reader’s point of view. PEEL acronym stands for Point, Evidence, Explain, and link.Let’s discuss about how to do a PEEL plan in order to create valuable and attractive content.

  • Point: Firstly, a writer has to write the topic sentence and describe the point of writing on a particular PEEL essay This should be written crisply and clearly to generate the interest in reader about Essay. Secondly, only relevant ideas regarding topics should be discussed to engage the reader.
  • Evidence: In this part, the points and ideas discussed in the opening speech are further elaborated and supported through proper evidence and proofs. Writers make use of Statistics, facts, data, books, journals, research papers, etc. from the authentic sources to support their point. Proper research should be done for this step. Also, evidences and proofs help the audience to agree with the writer.
  • Explain: In this paragraph, all the points and evidence are further elaborated and explained to clear the doubts of the readers. For instance,a writer can make use of various hypothetical and real-life examples to explain the arguments in a better and understandable way.
  • Link: This is the critical part, where all the discussion is done in the above paragraphs and is linked in such a way that a practical conclusion can be drawn from it.

PEEL writing method can be learned with regular practice and one can master this technique over time.

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Writing essays using the PEEL structure will surely help students to fetch more grades.Clearly, writers can use this technique to make their Essays more practical and worth reading. Some following tips and tricks can be used for writing PEEL ESSAY:

  • Plan before writing: Before writing the essay usingthis approach, the writer must spare some time for understanding the topic for the essay properly. In other words, planning is needed so that writers do not divert from the actual topic and waste time searching for irrelevant content. Before writing, brainstorm on the various ideas and arguments to be mentioned in the essay and also think about the examples in advance.Moreover, this trick will help to bring quality in the essay writing and will also save time.
  • Avoid using personal pronouns:While writing essays as per the PEEL method, do not use the pronouns such as I or Me because the writing is for the audience and not for the writer himself. Personal pronouns should be avoided and essays should be written for conveying the ideas to the audience as per their point of view to make it more appealing to them.
  • Use suitable examples:Readers need to be convinced about the authenticity of the arguments and points raised in different parts of the Essay. For this, proper examples should be used to support the arguments of the writers so that readers can relate to the ideas depicted.Further, use simple and clear examples and explain the example well.
  • Use linking statements: Linking statements should be used to conclude the essay. The whole discussion in the essay needs to be put to an end through linking statements. Choose words smartly and do not elaborate much.
  • Refine the Essay: After finishing writing the Essay, it is important to recheck and edit it if needed in order to correct the mistakes before making it available to readers. A writer should ensure all the components of PEEL Writing is present in the Essay structure. Likewise, writer should rearrange the paragraphs and content wherever needed in order to make it error-free.

To sum up,PEEL structure writing is very useful in writing academic essays and its main purpose is to help the writer engage the audience and to generate interest in your essay. Now, through this blog you will get an idea about PEEL paragraph and will be able to write a PEEL ESSAY. In case of any further queries or PEEL essay writing help, feel free to contact AWH.Our professional writers are always ready to help students and share their assignments burden.

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